GK Questions and Answers for IAS

 GK Questions and Answers for IAS


  1. Which is used for artificial rainfall – Silver chloride
  2. To protect wood items from insects, which is coated on it. – Zinc chloride
  3. From whom is the ink marking the voters’ fingers made at the time of voting. – Silver Nitrate
  4. The reaction of aluminum with iron oxide is used to connect the cracks of rail tracks and machined components, this reaction is called. – Thermite reaction
  5. What is the melting point of tungsten – 3500  degree centigrade

Important Scientific Laws

  1. How many times Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for Nobel Prize. – Five times
  2. In which year Nobel Prize was not given to anyone. – During World War II, 1940 to 1942
  3. Which is Asia’s most densely populated island – Java
  4. Who translated Panchatantra into Persian language. – Abul Fazal and Maulana Hussain Faiz
  5. What were the Council of Ministers called in the Mughal rule    – Vizrat
  6. What was called the head of the emperor’s domestic departments in the Mughal period – Like Mir
  7. Which ruler practiced the postal system. – Sher Shah
  8. Who was the first and last Hindu ruler to accept the Din-i-Ilahi religion – Birbal
  9. Who gave the title of Kanthabharan Vanivilas to Tansen. – Akbar
  10. In what event did Akbar get the Buland Darwaza constructed. – Gujarat Vijay
  11. Which is the deepest lake in the world – Lake Baikal
  12. Who is the Chairman of Central Knowledge Commission – Sam Pitroda
  13. Who was the founder of Gangavansh – Bajrahast V
  14. Who was the founder of Palvansh – Gopal
  15. Who was the founder of the Sena dynasty – Samant Sen

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