1- Magazine is related to Editor in the same way play is related to :

(A) Principal  


(B) Actress    


(C) Dialogues


(D) Directors



2- Foot is related human in the same way hoot is related to ………

(A) Dog         


(B) Cow        


(C) Cat          


(D) Rabbit


3- Book is related to Library in the same way animal is related to ………..


(A) Pet          


(B) Hunter    


(C) Wild        


(D) Zoo



4- Gravity is related to attraction in the same way magnet is related to ………….

(A) Earth       


(B) Gold        


(C) Attraction


(D) Weight



5- Car is related to garage in the same way aeroplane is related to :

(A) Ground   


(B) Hanger    


(C) Runway   


(D) Airport



6- Thread is related to cloth in the same way wire is related to :

(A) Rope       


(B) Net          


(C) Filter       


(D) Telegraph



7- Thermometer is related to temperature in the same way Hygrometer is related to :


(A) Pressure  


(B) Density   


(C) Weight    


(D) Humidity



8- Pound is related to Yen in the same way Polo is related to :

(A) Hockey    


(B) Horse      


(C) Driving    


(D) Stick


9- Funny is related to serious in the same way change is related to :


(A) Regular   


(B) Fixed       


(C) Confident


(D) Refraction



10- Mountain is related to rift, in the same way enemy is related to :

(A) Country   


(B) NRI         


(C) Fight       


(D) Friend



11- TB is related to lungs in the same way cataract is related to :

(A) Ears       


(B) Throat     


(C) Nose        


(D) Eyes


12- Book is related to cover, in the same way Picture is related to :


(A) Brash      


(B) Frame      


(C) Colour     


(D) Wall


13- Planets is related to Astrologer, in the same way weather is related to :


(A) Direction wave              


(B) Meteorologist



(C) Air pressure                   


(D) Meteoritic



14- Deep is related to Ocean, in the same way shallow is related to :


(A) Waterfall 


(B) Deepness 


(C) Pond       


(D) Well


15- River is related to canal, in the same way Glacier is related to :

(A) Water      


(B) River       


(C) Snow       


(D) Mountain


16- Taka is related to Bangladesh, in the same way Leira is related to :


(A) Cambodia


(B) India       


(C) Pakistan  


(D) Italy

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17- Yen is related to Japan, in the same way Euro is related to :

(A) Germany 


(B) Britain     


(C) America  


(D) Russia



18- Wool is related to sheep, in the same way silk is related to :

(A) Tasar                             


(B) Insect


(C) Knowledge                    


(D) Disease



19- Father is related to white coat, in the same way lawyer is related to :

(A) Coat        


(B) Cap         


(C) Silk         


(D) Tie



20- Cat is related to Myuuu, in the same way Horse is related to :

(A) Stable      


(B) Crawl      


(C) Roaring    


(D) Whinny



21- Fox : Cunning : : Rabbit : ?

(A) Brave      


(B) Dangerous


(C) Timid      


(D) Cruel



Directions (21-30) : In each of the following questions, there is a certain relationship between two give words on one side of : : and one word is given on another side of : : while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the words of the given pair bear. Choose the correct alternative.



22- Fences : Pig : : Shed : ?

(A) Vulture   


(B) Cow        


(C) Tiger       


(D) Hen



23- Brick : Mason : : Colour : ?

(A) Clerk       


(B) Teacher   


(C) Painter    


(D) Car painter



24- Doctor : Patient : : Lawyer : ?

(A) Customer


(B) Client      


(C) Consumer


(D) Buyer



25- Doctor : Stethoscope : : Sculptor : ?

(A) Weeding                        


(B) Sickle


(C) Chisel                           


(D) Scraping Instrument



26- Book : Publisher : : Film : ?

(A) Author    


(B) Editor      


(C) Director   


(D) Producer



27- Thunder : Rain : : ? : Night

(A) Day         


(B) Eagerness


(C) Dark        


(D) Evening



28- Floating : River : : Bounded : ?

(A) Pond       


(B) Rain        


(C) River       


(D) Canal



29- Summit : Chairperson : : Newspaper : ?

(A) Reporter  


(B) Distributor


(C) Publisher 


(D) Editor




30- Sculptor : Chisel : : Writer

(A) Table       


(B) Paper       


(C) Book       


(D) Pen



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Directions (21-35) : The following questions consist of two words each that have a certain relationship to each other, followed by four lettered pairs of words. Select the lettered pair that has the same relationship as the original pair of words.


31- Chemist : Chemist shop

(A) Chef : Restaurant           


(B) Librarian : List



(C) Carpeuter : Wood           


(D) Doctor : Patient



32- Fruit : Seed

(A) Steam : Warm               


(B) Tailor : Cloth


(C) Water : Thirst                


(D) Flower : Fruit



33- Letter : Envelop

(A) Ticket : Post                  


(B) Skin : Body


(C) Wall : Brick                   


(D) Coconut : Skull




34- Mahatma Gandhi : Rajghat

(A) Indira Gandhi : Samta Sthal


(B) Rajiv Gandhi : Vir Bhumi


(C) Lal Bahadur Shashtri : Kisan Ghat


(D) Morarji Desai : Narayan Ghat




35- Hawa Mahal : Jaipur


(A) Jahaj Mahal : Fatehpur Sikari


(B) Maan Mahal : Gwalior


(C) Dveep Mahal : Udaipur  



(D) Victoria Mahal : Kolkata




1 (D) 10 (C) 19 (A) 28 (A)
2 (B) 11 (D) 20 (D) 29 (D)
3 (D) 12 (B) 21 (C) 30 (D)
4 (C) 13 (B) 22 (B) 31 (A)
5 (B) 14 (C) 23 (C) 32 (D)
6 (B) 15 (B) 24 (B) 33 (D)
7 (D) 16 (D) 25 (C) 34 (B)
8 (A) 17 (D) 26 (D) 35 (D)
9 (B) 18 (B) 27 (C)


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