Friends, for preparation of SSC, Railways  and other government service exams


Keeping this in mind, I have given a collection of questions( based facts)



which may be useful for all of u  in your coming exams  in this blog


You have to give your opinion on how much it is 

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How many times the President of India can be re-elected to his office -unlimited



In which article financial emergency is declared 360 Article



The President is elected by the electoral college



Baldev Singh was the first Defense Minister of India



Euro is the currency of the European Union.



The major gaseous pollutant of thermal power station is SO₂.





Declaration of emergency under Article 352 due to invasion requires approval of Parliament within 1 month.



The International Date Line passes through the Pacific Ocean.

International Date Line Map | Date Line Map | Day Line Map


Amoebic dysentery suit is born by Entamoeba histolytica.



The permission given to a customer of a bank to issue cheques  in excess of the amount deposited in his current account is called overdraft.



According to Dadabhai Naoroji, Swaraj means economic freedom.



From which country was the rubber plant brought to India from Brazil.

How to Grow and Care for Rubber Tree Plants (Ficus elastica)


when the decimal system was introduced in India in 1957.





What happens when a type of ray enters a glass slab from air, its wavelength decreases.

Environment and its Pollution


In men, urea is formed in the liver.


(The liver produces several chemicals (enzymes) that change ammonia into a form called urea, which the body can remove in the urine)



Sex in humans is determined by chromosomes .



Bhavabhuti is the author of Uttar ram charit

Dissemination of Knowledge - Bhavabhuti, Srikantha Nilakantha



The use of arteries in our body is to carry blood from the heart.




Babur died in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.



The Red Fort of Delhi was built by Shah Jahan.

Red Fort Delhi stock photo. Image of commissioned, 1921 - 131389252


When did the Chernobyl I nucleus plant disaster happen in 1986.



Census in India takes place every 10 years.



Kuchipudi dance is related to which state Andhra Pradesh.



Which monsoon receives most of India’s rainfall from the southwest monsoon?



The first computer language was developed- FORTRAN



Silvassa is the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.



Human blood has a pH value of 7.4



The parts of the Indian Parliament – the President, the Rajya Sabha & the Lok Sabha.




Which process is followed to prevent rusting of iron—Galvanization


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