Images Formed by Mirrors2020-2021

Images Formed by Mirrors


Images formed by Concave Mirror


Position of object Position of image Nature of image
At infinity At focus (F) Real, diminished, inverted
Beyond centre of curvature (C) Between F and C Real, diminished and inverted
At C At C Real, same size, inverted
Between C and F Beyond C Real, enlarged, inverted
At F At infinity Real, enlarged, inverted
Between F and P Behind the mirror Virtual, enlarged and upright


Uses of Concave Mirrors

·               Used by doctors to focus light inside the ears, mouth and throat.

·          Used as shaving mirrors to see an enlarged view of face.

·         Used as reflectors in torches and vehicle headlights to form powerful

          beams.MP GK, Samanya Gyan ,Madhya Pradesh

Images formed by Convex Mirror


Position of object Position of image Nature of image
Irrespective of the position Behind the mirror Virtual, diminished, upright

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Uses of Convex Mirrors

·                Used in driving mirror to give a view of the traffic behind.

·          Used at blind corners of roads/driveways to enable vehicles to see the

           traffic around the corner.

Uses of Plane Mirrors

·                            Used as looking glass.

·                     Used in periscope used in ships, aircraft etc.

·                     Used in kaleidoscope, a children’s toy.

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